Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yesterday Megan, Diane and I spent time mapping out our plans for 2011 so that at our first board meeting in January we are organized and ready to meet the year with a plan. I am delighted to be working alongside women of such clear vision and open hearts.

Today I am hosting a special little lunch with our Canadian Soul friends, Susan and Andrew Tarling, parents of the stunning angel Brandon pictured here today. The first photo was taken at his first birthday in Edmonton that Lew and I attended and the second was taken shortly before his passing when I took the train up to see him and his loving extended family in Vancouver. Sarah and her twins Rudy and Tanner are also attending the lunch and I am so excited to see them all.

Its been a week of good reunions as I also got to have coffee with Auni, who like Sarah was instrumental in bringing Soulumination to the point that it is today. Auni was with me from almost day one of Soul and was our first TIPS intern and later came in to act as temporary admin while still in high school. She is a gem and is now working for 2 nonprofits in Baltimore. Her boyfriend Tim also works in the nonprofit world so it was great to have time with both of them.

In working out a plan for next year of course we are working on dates for work parties. As soon as they are firm I will let you know as the annual album and trifold making event will be before summer and we always need many hands to create those lovely gifts.

We are working on some new Soul products and will be needing donations of beads, buttons and quilting weight cotton fabric. If you have a stash of fabric we would love to have any that you are not using that is in one-quarter yard pieces or larger, batik prints are especially valued but we can use all types of prints and solids. You can drop off nearly any weekday between 9 and 5, but just in case we are not here you might call ahead at 206-297-0885. I am again on the look out for recycled tins for my projects for the Artist Sale. During the winter months I produce most of what I sell next year and currently I am looking for tiny Altoid tins or other tiny mint tins to use in my bead doll creations. I can use interesting regular size mint tins but especially can use the teeny ones. As always I love getting aluminum drink cans that you are recycling, especially Peace Tea, Arizona Iced Tea, interesting beer cans, Hawaiian drink cans, and truly a variety of any aluminum cans is needed for the lights. I sold out of my new light strands in an hour or so and plan on producing 100 strands for next year.

One of our newest photographers, Kevin Wrenn has completed his first Soul session and we are most grateful to have him with us. We also received the files from Jon Ward's shoot in the Ellensburg area and are thrilled with the results. We are most blessed to have such amazing talent working with us.

I got a call on Christmas Eve about a possible shoot at Seattle Children's and was of course ready to start the search for a possible photographer or go myself when the social worker called back to say that the family had declined her offer of photos. Its easy to understand how this happens but sometimes my heart sinks when it goes that way as I wonder if in the future they will regret this decision. My hope is that they already have many beautiful photos to treasure. In love and peace and gratitude for recent donations to help us move forward, Lynette