Friday, December 17, 2010

We are looking for your help in finding places to apply for a new grant for work with our adult Legacy Project. For two years we have been funded by a grant from the McMillian Foundation and we are so thankful for their help and support but now we need to find new funding and we are hopeful that someone can give us tips as where to apply. We are hopeful that someone we have served through the work of the past few years might direct us to this important funding. In thinking of the Legacy work I can't help but mention one donation that brought me to tears.

Not so long ago I lost a favorite client of mine, mother of twins, she died totally unexpectedly. Her husband was in yesterday to pick up his photos from the yearly photo shoot. As he was writing his check I noticed he was taking a long time and wondered why. He handed me a very nice donation to Soul along with his check for his photos. We did not have the chance to do a specific shoot for them but someday he will bring me all the photos I have taken for them and I will pick out photos with my friend and her sons to create a legacy album for both boys. In the meantime my heart grieves for my friend and I am honored to continue the tradition she started with me recording her precious boys each year.

We are so busy here at Soul putting together the photos from the last 5 new shoots. Megan flies to Hawaii tomorrow to have time with her grandma who is recovering from a broken hip so Soul mama Angie and my new biz assistant, Kelly have graciously volunteered to book shoots and handle calls next week. We have just mailed out a little handmade gift to all the Soul photographers and are sending out the artist's checks and thank you cards today. We have had much help creating the thank you cards and they are built around a photo of the Soul prayer flags that are printing with the faces of Soul and include handpainted paper made by Soul families.

I have been making wreaths each day to thank some of our major in-kind donors, including Annie's Art and Frame, Moonphoto, Sip and Ship, OutCast, Ballard Market, Denise Stuesse, Tully's, Jennifer Stoeck and others. I gathered more greens at the cabin this week and Megan and Betsy secured more holly so they are very festive and lush. I wanted to do this personally since each of these places has made such a difference in the work of Soulumination. I figure that if their door is already festive, they can use them as centerpieces. The wreaths are one of the things that draws so many customers to our Sale so please keep us in mind for greens donations next year and for purchasing. We hope to launch a pre-sale program next year.

Have to get back to writing thank yous on those beautiful cards, about 85 more to go, it takes a village---------in love and peace, Lynette