Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sometimes things happen that really amaze me, in fact almost daily with Soul something happens that is such a gift. Yesterday during the delightful chaos of a successful sale I see my husband bringing a couple to me, they are good looking, they are smiling, they are my high school teacher Walt Kruckeberg and his beautiful wife Carol. They have come all the way from Sequim and they bring with them memories of laughter and growing up and the memories of their daughter Sarah Beth who was born while I was in high school. Sarah Beth's birth delighted all of his students, but this child died in her young years leaving the entire Sequim community reeling and obviously effecting me in many far reaching ways. When I was photographing for Josiah and his parents at Children's decades later I left his room overwhelmed with sorrow and came to sit near the mural that Sarah's parents had dedicated to her. When my best friend Joan lost Janus, 26 years ago, she and I drove to Sequim to have lunch with Carol and talk to her about grief and loss. When I was overcome with emotion before heading to Josiah's memorial service, I called the Kruckeberg's and Walt talked me into a calm state. To say that he was a good or talented teacher is just not close to enough. He now is offering to give Soul some of the amazing books that Carol wrote after the loss of Sarah Beth. It is called, "What was Good About Today" and it is a gem. I know Soul families would benefit from her words. Now Doug is excited about a trip to Sequim as Walt has taken up golf and that will lead to a further renewal of a precious link to my youth. I am also hoping that he might become one of the Soul artists and make birdhouses for a future sale, but more than that it might mean that others in the Soul community would get to know this special couple.

The gifts of yesterday were rich indeed and included an introduction to my new friends Ruby and Tanner. Oh they are a fresh duo, stunning, enchanting and the fulfillment of what I see as Sarah's destiny to be a mom. Sarah is radiant, she is glowing and Steve is right there being her match in this great adventure. He took this photo of our friend and Soul mom and photographer, Jodi who is the proud new mama of twins herself. I didn't get to meet Jodi's duo yesterday but I know I will soon and I know that will mean another special gift.

In the middle of the prep for the sale and the end of one busy season in my business, I took on mentoring a talented high school student, Jared for his senior photo project. He came yesterday to help record the sale and he took the photo of Sarah and Tanner that is shown here. I kind of wonder who will get the most mentoring from this project, Jared or myself as I realize his youthful knowledge of computers and the digital world will be far beyond my level of expertise.

The entire day was great for Soul and our sales were amazingly good. We have worked hard to make this an event that honors local talent and brings the community into the heart of Soul. We are raising funds to serve new families while reaching out to connect more fully with our neighbors, our supporters and the network of Soul.

Special thanks to Soul photographer Dawn, who brought her camera and her beautiful mom to the event. Also hugs to all the wreath makers and greens donors as we have sold all but a handful of the 120 wreaths, we have stashed away a few so that the courtyard will look full again today, but other than that all the rest have sold. To the young ladies who felted soap for us a big thank you as all but a couple of bars have sold in the first day. Diane and Megan are flat out amazing, we are so lucky to have such talented women to follow our dear friends Sarah and Kari. Hugs of course to all the Soul families who attended and volunteered and shopped. This families are our center, our inspiration. To my mentor Michelle, who came to the sale looking like a rock star, congrats on your upcoming grand motherhood, you will be one in a million in that role.

Its way too early to be up, so I hope I can take my book into the guest room and find my way back to sleep as now Lulu is home with tales of our new grand puppy and another day of gifts is dawning and this middle aged woman is running on fumes. In love and peace, Lynette