Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The purpose of today's blog is to list names of those who have volunteered in some way in the past few months. I wanted to just show how many hearts and hands come together to make things happen here at Soul, this list includes the artists of our yearly sale and others who helped make the sale a success or helped us move through this year with grace.

Before I type the list I ask you to keep our families in your hearts as many have had recent losses, a number have been in hospital, including Claire and Taryn, and others just need support as they move through their days. Megan recently talked to my friends whose beautiful new daughter has a seizure disorder and we were happy to hear that they are getting Santa photos, but sad to hear that medications are not working and she is having hundreds of seizures a day. The reality for many of our families is just beyond what can be comprehended unless you have been in their shoes. So I thank those who have recently sent funding, each gift melts me this time of year. We move forward feeling like we often work in a state of grace, standing on sacred ground.

A special thank you to Sandra Coan and crew for the wonderful donation from Santa for Soul. We are most grateful and we love you all.

So here is list of recent helpers:
Photographers: Heather Baker, Kailee Blankenship, Sacha Blue, Karen Cater-Schwendler, Kelly Chandler, Tara Clark, Sandra Coan, Carlyn Coffee, Bryce Covey, Shon Crewe, Stephanie Cristalli, Cami Dohrn, Susan Doupe, Scott Eklund, Michael Good, Desiree Hopf, Bryan Kopp, Sofia Krasnovskaya, Leo Lam, Jeremy Leffel, Dawn Lucrisia-Johnson, Christina Mallet, Liz Ophoven, Amanda Paredes, Gabriel Rodriquez, Jodi Rosen, Amy Scherrer, Daniel Sheehan, Kurt Smith, Tonya Todd, Nancy treder, Sarah Mattingly, Randell Walton, Jon Ward, and Teddi Yaeger.

Artists: Lorna, Kari, Betsy, Jody, Trina, Julie, Cindy, Patty, Kristin, Arlene, Katie, Sophia, Molly, Maude, Robin, Zena, Chris Becky, Kari S, Patti, Diane, Sidni, James, Margaret, Lily, Jenni, Jane, Mary Anne, Grant, Joanne, Deb, Susie and Denise.

Volunteers, including wreath makers, greens donors, cashiers and set up help, clean up crew and greeters: Alice, Julie, Brian, Collin, Olivia, Heidi, Betsy, Jane, Patrice, Sally, Sawyer, Dan, Cindy, Steve, Susan, Deb, Sally, Pat, Jana and her neighbor, Ken, Andrew, Mary, Karen, Pam, Suzanne, Deb, Kelly, Jeff, Amy, Doug, Llewelyn, Maddie, Matt, Anna, Julia, Mary, Courtney, Don and Cathy, Barbara, Kelly, Colleen, Nancy, Nick, Taide, Monique, Nina, Joan and Kiel, Patti, Lori, Shirley, Steve, Jane, Stephanie, Scott, Angie, Megan, Lisa, Brenda, Jenny and Kevin, Molly, Amber, Kris, Dunn Gardens, Colette, Emily and Mianna, Cami, Kurt and Leah Smith, Steve DeRoux.

Businesses and other professionals who help us in countless ways throughout the year:
Evergreen Computer Products -Barbara supplies our printer ink, Annie's Art and Frame who frame the prints for each Soul child, James Bratsanos who supplies us with free web and email hosting, Dawnelle DeMarco who checks voicemail on weekends and books shoots as needed, Moonphoto for outstanding service in printing and offering us discounts on their beautiful work, Outcast, supplier of the charm frames for each Soul bracelet and Denise Stuesse for making all the bracelets, Fred Moody for writing the bios, Jennifer Stoeck for beautiful web design work, Susan Tarling for making the beautiful birthday cards, Liz Ruckh for sewing the pouches that hold the laminated wallet photos, Sip and Ship for packaging all the Soul gifts that we mail and making sure they arrive in a timely manner, Ballard Market for telling about the sale on their reader board, Jeff Havens for printing the Artist Sale Posters and hanging them around the city.

Interns and long time volunteers: Mackenzie Gamble, Courtney, Elaine Tran, Hayley Uhm.

Mentors, social workers and others who regularly refer patients: Ross Hayes, Michelle Frost, Mark Power and the entire staff of the PAC Team at Seattle Children's, Julie Greves and Katie Stiver and all the other amazing social workers and Child Life specialists who patiently and calmly guide our work at the hospital, the staff at Ronald McDonald House and the staff of Providence Hospice and all the doctors and nurses at local hospitals who advise their patients to use our services.

The list goes on, hearts and hands coming together to honor our families. I am humbled and in awe of the generosity and the love that surrounds the work of Soulumination. The prayer flags are gently sending the message on the wind and the faces from the Collection are hanging in my studio and office and through it all I am working to treasure each day. I am posting a favorite photo from the past to remind us all that their is always hope as Emily is alive and living her days with joy and abandon. In love and peace, Lynette