Saturday, December 04, 2010

No sleep again, so I am a little groggy today, but it looks incredible here thanks to many but especially to Diane and Megan. They are doing a bang up job on this event and I am so excited to see many supporters today.

The addition of part of the Soul Collection to the studio is powerful and with the promise of good weather we can hang more in the courtyard. We have a beautiful new donation board thanks to board member Heather Baker and Richard's Artist Framing. You can put up a message along with a donation, I have some up there myself honoring family and friends. Its hard not to feel a little emotional with the power of all the support and love and talent coming together.

I need to make a pasta salad for the artists and volunteers for lunch time so I have to get to that. I hope I will see you today or tomorrow. In love and peace, Lynette