Friday, December 31, 2010

Its very early New Year's Eve and I wish I were sound asleep but its not to be so I thought I would put some of those spinning thoughts into this place of sharing. Last night was the Husky victory, which makes me especially happy when I think of Jake sitting right outside this window with Chris on one side and Marin on the other, sweet, sweet, sweet.

Then of course I have to explain that one of the reasons I can't sleep is that during the Husky victory a message came on Facebook asking if we could send a photographer to Children's today for two young teens on the cancer floor. That gets my head spinning at 11 at night. Fast and furious the emails fly and of course within minutes I get a response from Dawn Lucrisia-Johnson that she can volunteer her talents for us today. My guess is that other photographers would also have been willing to go but not so many are up reading their emails at 11:30 at night. By midnight things were wrapped up but it leaves me too wound up to really rest much.

I have been thinking a lot about my daughters because our Christmas time was especially lovely this year. I just have to share that McKenzie cooked an incredible sit down dinner for 32 of us with her Aunt Sally as sous chef and Doug running errands. Lew and Mike and I helped make gnocchi the night before but truly Mac planned and executed one amazing meal with grace and skill. Last night Lew launched the coolest new blog at, its about great deals she has found on craigslist. She has a passion for reusable items and is going to share things she finds in Spokane that range in price from free to $20. The first items are great and I am encouraging her to do the same for Seattle. Yep, this proud mom is feeling blessed.

Tonight I get some quiet time with Doug who likes to be asleep before midnight each year. No doubt I will be up late. But I am thinking today will dawn with beautiful sunshine and even though the losses of 2010 cut very deep there is so much to be thankful for.

Today I share some photos from the lunch with the twins and the Tarlings that Sarah took with her hipstamatic app on her phone(she is always up on the cool gear). The first shows Andrew and Susan, Brandon's parents, holding the twins and the second is Llewelyn and Megan with the cuddly duo. It was a great time and there are plans in the works for me to visit a new family in Edmonton. I marvel at how the world turns and how the connection thru Brandon has formed a bond of warm friendship with his parents and his extended family that is strong and full of meaning.

On into 2011, below find the list of items we hope you will recycle with us for use in creating items to benefit Soul. In love and peace, Lynette

Wish List 2011, recycle with Soul and Lynette:
Quilting weight cotton fabric, one quarter yard pieces or larger
Wooden thread spools
Old buttons, new buttons, colorful buttons
Beads or baubles especially glass, wood or metal
As always for me: empty and not flattened aluminum drink cans, empty spice tins, tiny mint tins or other tiny tins that are colorful