Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I keep forgetting to remind all of you amazing supporters, please shop via goodshop online and designate Soulumination this holiday season, its easy and fast and sends money our way, just used it this morning at Amazon's site.

Today our niece and Soul cousin Betsy(her eco-friendly snack bags pictured above) arrived early and made a couple of stunning wreaths, then came Cathy and Pam to help me reach our goal of 100 wreaths and exceed it by 7. There is a great selection and they are stunning. My thanks to the men in Megan and Cathy's lives for helping in so many ways today. The prayer flags look stunning in the courtyard thanks to them. My balcony and stairs into the courtyard were garlanded early today by Monique and Nina. There is a beautiful part of the Soulumination Collection of photographs hanging in the studio thanks to our new volunteer Jenni and her very patient husband, they were troopers today. Board member and Soul photographer, Heather brought by the new donation board that she purchased for us with a big discount from Richard's Artist Framing in Wallingford Center. Big thanks to my husband Doug for working to clean out his garage to house the checkout this year. He also bought lunch for Megan and I and it was fun to have my father-in-law come by to watch all the prep work. Thanks to for their support with another amazing raffle basket. It was a grand day and I am so thankful.

As always with Soul, things seem to work out to let us accomplish things and not neglect our main mission of serving families. We have been fielding so many calls about new families for the last couple of months and starting Monday everything settled down to let us get ready to raise some funds to help us serve more in the future. We are blessed and I am grateful.

In love and peace, Lynette