Monday, December 13, 2010

I am so thankful for the donations that have been coming in from wonderful friends and supporters as Megan is now working to complete gifts for 7 new families. With the financial support comes the security of knowing we are funded to fulfill every request. Heartfelt thanks to the Hawkanson Family Foundation and to our friend in Port Townsend, Jean DeLeo for their recent donations. When I am personally connected to the donors and the checks arrive it brings back such wonderful memories from the past.

Last night I attended Providence Hospice's event--"An Evening of Remembrance, Lighting a Light for our Children." Many Soul families and friends were in attendance
and it was a very powerful experience. I especially wanted to go since my friends in New Jersey were promoting the 7pm candle lighting and I wanted to specifically honor the memory of Elise. As I lit my candle and added it to the others floating there so peacefully, my head was full of so many wonderful friends that I have met and lost during the years of Soul. Today the sorrow lingers but with the touch of sunshine its easy to feel good about what Soul is offering to our families.

Shirley is still hard at work entering all the info into our computers from the Artist Sale and today or tomorrow we will have final totals and then we will move to sending the checks to our amazing artists. This afternoon, Megan and Diane and I will have our first formal debriefing and I am excited as we all have ideas of how to improve and make next years sale even more dynamic. We are already working to make the check out lines move faster and we will work with each artist to be sure we are offering new and fresh items next year.

I had the pleasure of viewing Leo's latest Soul shoot this morning and I am blown away, truly they are stunning images and we are blessed to have such talent walking this path with us.

Now back to work on thank you notes. I am posting a few photos taken by Dawn from the sale. In love and peace, Lynette