Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Back to reality. After a few days of pure highs and loads of support from caring family and friends thru the Artist Sale, I am heading to Seattle Children's this afternoon to work with a new baby.

We also received calls about 2 other new families, Leo will work with one and I am not sure yet on the other but we are hoping Randell might have time since the girl is from her home state of Alaska. Both Sandra and Michael will soon work with families at their delivery rooms to try to capture some precious memories of some babies very short lives. We have another possible new child that we were contacted about through caring friends of the family and are now waiting for the green light to give them a call to set up a shoot. And so it goes, in love and peace, Lynette

I am including photos of 2 newly released Soul children, Emilee and Kaylie, watch the website and soon they will be up in the gallery, thanks to our two Amy photographers for their caring work.