Monday, November 08, 2010

Today I visited Seattle Children's for a 'new' family. They had been supporters of Soul through Tara Clark's fundraiser GEDIM and now are in-patient with their daughter as they work on getting ready for her bone marrow transplant. They are friends with 2 of our Soul photographers besides Tara. I feel as if we can all make a difference by sending our love and support to this family. I heard of them through a member of our extended family and also through a child life specialist at the hospital, weaving all of us together in so many ways.

We will receive the disc from a new adult legacy shoot tomorrow from our newest Soul photographer, Amanda and we will introduce her once she sends her bio and photo. We are most grateful for all the photographers who share their talent with our mission.

I want to thank one of Charlotte and Claire's nurses for her generous donations this week in their honor. Also, our new administrator, Megan has asked that friends donate to Soul for her birthday, she has set a goal of $1000 and I was the first to give as Megan truly is a gift to our work and its the least I can do to honor her birthday wishes.

We are still looking for more greens to be donated for the wreath making for the Artist Sale. If you are due to trim your evergreens, we would love to have them. We are also making some very nice garlands to sell using beads and buttons, if you have been saving a stash of either of these and realize you will not be using them, we would put them to good use. With the wreaths and the garlands, Soul receives 100% of the sale price.

Have to get back to work, in love and peace, Lynette