Monday, November 15, 2010

There are so many hands working to make the artist sale a big success, its both exciting and exhausting. We need to be sure that funds continue to flow in as we are working with new families on a regular basis. Please tell your friends about it as it is fun and the items are wonderful and very fairly priced. If you have friends who are artists who would like to donate a piece or two of their craft please have them contact the office at 206-297-0885. I am working on my recycled tin luminarias, new holiday lights that have reflectors made from aluminum cans plus the bead dolls and some greeting cards.

I am sharing today 2 new released clients, Emilee who was photographed by Amy S and Jene who was captured by Sofia. We are so thankful for the photographers who volunteer for Soul and for the families who allow us to share the photos with all of you. Their photos and bios will soon be on the website.

We had a new volunteer today who is willing to come in to work with Megan every Monday. We are delighted to have help for Megan and if you have time to share with us we are still looking for more help for assembling items for the artist sale. You can call 206-297-0885 if you'd like to join us.

We are still wanting donations of beads, buttons, charms, small wooden thread spools, and small, old keys for the garlands we are making to sell at the Artist Sale. I am thankful that Deb will be providing 10 yule logs for us to sell again this year. Deb has been a great supporter and her yule logs really are stunning.

Have to go up to my kitchen and create up there as we are having friends over for dinner tonight. I photographed this couple's wedding and the groom used to work for Doug. The bride is now a physical therapist working at Seattle Children's. It will be good to have yet another contact at the hospital. In love and peace, Lynette