Sunday, November 28, 2010

So much to be thankful for here at Soul Ballard: everything ran smoothly while I was away, even the snow and ice didn't seem to slow our progress, a shoot by new photographer, Sasha came in and looks lovely, Scott was out shooting for us yesterday, and we received 2 lovely one thousand dollar grants from charitable trusts, The Bishop Fleet Foundation and a family trust connected to Matt and Amy Cockburn. I was also very touched by a generous donation from the Hongladarom family.

The greens are piling up here in the courtyard thanks to loving and generous support. We need a lot of greens since we are hoping to make 100 wreaths to sell and all the money from the wreaths goes directly to Soulumination. The artists who work with us to make the wreaths truly create extraordinary product and we have sold out each year so come yearly to shop a great selection. If we create the target number I bet we can hold some back for Sunday shoppers. If you have greens you would like to donate please bring them around 9 tomorrow or Tuesday, but give a call first.

I received word from one of Santa's elves, Lily(the now famous cookie/jam maker of our sale) that Sandra's Santa photos for Soulumination went very well indeed. Our lovely niece, Betsy took the newest Johnson for his first Santa photos and I am so pleased. Betsy and her entire family have been so incredible in helping out with Soul projects. She will be one of the artists at the sale and she has made the coolest reusable snack/sandwich bags. I took one with my favorite teas on the trip to the Oregon coast this past week and smiled each time I got it out.

Its just hopping around here so I must get back to work and make that first wreath of the year plus need to cook up some chili for the wonderful volunteers that will be arriving early tomorrow. I get to pick up greens at NW Wholesale that one of my lovely florist friends, Colleen Monette purchased for us, so I will be up and out about 4:30 tomorrow morning.

In love and peace, Lynette

Now its night time and the first wreath of the year is complete. I had to add to this blog as today brought some special people to my gate with gifts of greens. Pictured above is Emily and big sis Mianna who with the help of their mom brought an incredible gift of wonderful Western Redwood for wreath making, it was a gift from a recent windstorm and I am so thankful as its great to work with. Doug returned home from golfing tonight with more greens from the cabin of wonderful clients and friends, the Van Dams. After dinner Soul photographer Cami rang the doorbell with lovely greens as well as the handmade gifts for the photographers for our Christmas thank you. She and her daughter Gillian worked very hard to create these heartfelt and handmade gifts. It was one heck of a loving day.