Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its the time of year that makes me realize just how many hearts and hands come together for Soulumination. As we enter the home stretch to our Artist Sale friends and family and supporters start rallying in more ways than usual. Last night dear friends Sidni and Lise helped make the bead/button garlands that are a new Soul product. Niece Betsy, friends Patrice, Cathy, Lisa and others are gathering greens for the wreaths. We are looking for people to help with the Sunday clean up. We have people signing up to bring cookies. Artist, florist and crafty friends are on the wreath-making committee. My young friend Josie is volunteering to help make the thank you cards for all our photographers, artists and business supporters. It goes on and on which makes it all possible for us to move forward. The coming together of community is beautiful and to each and every one of you I am most grateful.

In watching this all come together in know how lucky we are to have Diane leading the sale. Kari had done a beautiful job in the past and finding another great woman to fill that roll has been a gift. Kari will be one of our artists this year so we will be so happy to have her with us. We have a number of new artists and I am happy to report that my pal Andrew has signed up to do card tricks on Sunday. He is amazing and will perform for tips for Soul. We are hoping that another young friend of mine will perform on Saturday.

It takes a village to run this foundation and Megan is doing a grand job of being the administrator. Those of you who are on facebook with us know that she is raising funds for Soul herself. Megan has asked for donations to Soulumination for her birthday. Of course I was most touched to see this effort and joined as her first giver. It knocked me out to see that the 3rd in line to give was one of our Soul photographers.

In working with the new family at Children's I have started to email with the mom a bit since they were brought to Soulumination first by a member of my family and we set up the shoot via email. Yesterday I got word from the mom that I wanted to share. First of all Kurt and the mom have it set up now for him to photograph on the first anniversary of the upcoming transplant, which is so great since he was their wedding photographer. I was telling the mom that in the post production of their shoot that I heard from Lily that as she worked with the images she felt a connection to this child, and in response the mom wrote about the journey and her strength and beautiful writing needed to be shared: "We have a rough road ahead but we are all certain that this is a chapter in our daughter's long life, not the story." I am honored to have met these parents, to see them act as advocates, to hear them help their child reach toward hope and health. Please keep them in your hearts and prayers as bone marrow transplant time draws near. There is every reason for hope for this little girl and your good vibes will be appreciated. As her mom said- "she continues to amaze me everyday."

McKenzie, my oldest daughter is currently in New Zealand. My maternal grandfather was born in New Zealand and already Mac is writing about the baby calves and sheep. It melts my heart because when Mac was little she loved nothing better than to go visit my mom and stay on the farm. Mac always reminds me that my mom is with her in spirit and that I don't need to worry that mom is missing out just because she isn't with us physically.

Now its time to get ready for work. Six shoots today as I wrap up my year, the final one with our good friends and Soul family, Alice and Dave. I met them in photographing their beautiful son Josiah just a week before he died. Now I am honored to be their friend. Doug and I are just crazy about them and their beautiful and bright children. We will eat dinner together after the photos and it is always a wild and crazy time--just what I love to end a day, in love and peace, Lynette