Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The days are long but its so amazing to be surrounded by helpers that have been moved by the mission and work of Soul and now are giving their time and talent to make wreaths and help in so many ways. Friends from all parts of my life are coming together, friends from my young adult years, family, Soul families, my mushrooming buddies, new friends, my art group......here's to Diane, Joan, Sally, Vicki, Megan, Pam, Kelly, Patty, Ken, Nancy, Patrice, Cathy, Donna, Heather, Jana, Sidni, Monique , Betsy, and Katrina.

We have only a few days to get everything ready for the Artist Sale, see you Saturday or Sunday at the event. Its time to wrap up a few more projects and some clean up for another busy day tomorrow. In love and peace, Lynette