Monday, October 04, 2010

Things have been going well with Megan newly at the helm of the admin work here at Soul Ballard. Diane is also doing a great job getting things lined up for the artist sale which will be Dec 4 and 5th, please mark your calendars as we need to be sure we secure enough funds for Soul to be moving forward to fill all requests from new families.
I am just back from the cabin where I got many mushrooms and worked on more of the luminaria cans for the Artist Sale.

I am sharing today a photo that Lew took in Bangkok when I gave the gift basket for Charlotte. That experience is one I will cherish and I think the monk might remember it a bit also as it must have been odd to hear me try to repeat his words in Thai. I asked one of the workers at our guest house if she would write Charlotte's name in Thai on the envelope, but she thought a minute and smiled and said it would be okay for me to write and said, "I think my Buddha can read English." Charlotte's wonderful mom, Angie asked me today if I would speak at Charlotte's memorial and of course I agreed, now I just need to find the words to express what is in my heart and the strength to deliver the words without letting my emotions take over. Charlotte's fund raising efforts have been amazing and we are so grateful for the love and support that she generates. Our thanks to all who have given in her name and I know that another gift is arriving today and suspect that we will see more as her magic is indeed far-reaching.

I am also including a photo that I took of Lew reflected in the the rainwater that had gathered at Angkor Wat. The moment seemed to capture Lew as one of the dancing women in the carvings which is not surprising since the place has a mystery and magic that transports you in many ways.

In love and peace, Lynette