Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last night was Charlotte's memorial and it was touching, beautiful and well attended. I loved the video that Greg Johnson shot in our courtyard of family, friends and members of Charlotte's medical community. Greg did a great job of producing this tribute in a few days. Maddie's soccer team was in attendance and her coach spoke about her role of big sister to Charlotte, it was especially poignant. Angie and Paul shared loving thoughts and it was so good to see photos presented from throughout Charlotte's life. Charlotte continues to bless Soul with memorial contributions and for that I am grateful and feel very honored to carry on the work of Soul in her name.

I was touched to find out that one family at the service are former wedding clients of mine and that their daughter plays soccer with Maddie. Another family reintroduced me to their daughter who is now 10 who I had photographed at a year and a half. Its a small world and Charlotte's loving community intersects with mine in many meaningful ways. Board members Randell, Kelly, Brenda, Sally, and Matt were all there in loving Soul support. Matt was a part of Cha Cha's video and Soul child Sarah was featured in the slide show. It was wonderful to see Rose's mom, Devora in attendance and she is working on support groups for parents with loss so once she has that up and going we will share the link to her sight.

I had a tight schedule yesterday and needed to leave Breitenbush right after breakfast to catch a plane in Portland. I had plenty of time except I am not familiar with the Portland airport and I got lost on the way to the rental car return lot, very lost. When I finally arrived I realized that it was late and that I might miss my plane. I had been crying on the phone to Doug who was making every effort to convince me that I could still make it, in other words I was distraught. As I explained to the staff helping me return the car, the young man at Thrifty offered to drive me to the airport. He was so kind and helpful and calming. I asked him if they regularly drove upset clients to the airport as they do have the normal shuttle, but he said no they didn't but that he could see I needed help. I can't thank him enough and I plan on sending him a little gift card and some big kudos.

It has been a very busy month for Soul shoots and the families are receiving lovely images thanks to the incredible support of our volunteer photographers. I had a shoot cancel this past week but we will work to reschedule it and Elliott is coming over for updated photos this week.

Tonight is the fundraiser that Kelly organized at ZenRock, promises to be a good time. I am grateful to ZenRock and the other businesses who are participating for their help and support of our mission.

If we don't feel too rained out Megan, Kurt and I will go out hunting mushrooms on Monday. Megan has to be forced out of the office to take a break so I hope it will work out. You can mushroom in any weather, its just kind of miserable if you get too cold and wet.

I am sharing a couple of photos from Charlotte's memorial. I close thinking of her and her family, in love and peace, Lynette