Thursday, October 28, 2010

It has been so busy here at Soul Ballard, many new families, lots of things to do to prepare for the artist sale, Charlotte's memorial, the ZenRock fundraiser, interview with new photographer and so many other things.

The ZenRock fundraiser was incredible, Kelly did a beautiful job of getting it together and we are so thankful for the generosity of owners, Michael, Petra and Dwayne. They are keeping the 20 photos from the Collection up for another week to share with their patrons. The other business owners that participated are: Olive Boutique(Carrie Ann), Stella and Dot(Sarah), Delicious Delivered(Shannon McCumber), Tiffany Skin Care(Tiffany St. John Estill), Glow Airbrush Tan (Holly Huckins), Holly James Salon and Spa(Holly James), Nordstrom and Whole Foods. I am posting photos today from the event. We are most grateful for the support and for the funds raised which will help us move forward in our work and we are thrilled to report that one of the attendees contacted Kelly today to let her know that a very nice donation with matching funds from Microsoft will be added to our total.

The yearly Artist Holiday Sale is coming up on December 4th and 5th and we would like to ask your help with a few things: we need lovely cut greens to make the wreaths which have sold out each year. We get 100% of the funds from these since they are created by volunteers, so we are planning to up our production, but to do so we need greens. If you or a friend or family member can help please call 206-297-0885 or email

We also need a few more greeters and may need donations of homemade cookies for the treats for our shoppers. We are making some incredible bead garlands that are also Soul products which means that 100% of the sales are Soul's, so if you have glass or wooden beads that you are not going to use we would be honored to accept them.

Most importantly, we have completed new shoots again this week and our thanks to Karen and to Sofia for volunteering for these assignments. I look forward to seeing my friend Elliott tomorrow for her photos.

My husband forwarded me a link to a sight yesterday that blew my mind. I have always hoped that Dave Matthews might get wind of Soulumination and do something musically for funding and sure enough it is happening. The two concerts will be Dec. 6 and 7th at McCaw Hall and all the money from tickets sales is up for grabs----if you buy tickets you can designate Soulumination as your choice and we will receive $150.00 for each $135.00 tickets sold that is in our name. So even though Dave isn't doing this for us, he is doing something bigger and more incredible, but you have to buy those tickets and put our name in the correct box.

I get to see our own rock star supporter this weekend, it will be good to see Mike and Ashley. We have been so blessed to have their care and support for our Soul families. I have heard that there is a new radio station that is Pearl Jam 24/7.

Thanks to Molly, Pam and Sidni for joining Diane and I in making more of the bead/button garlands this afternoon. I have to get back to editing from today's shoot, in love and peace, Lynette