Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lew and I are back in Bangkok after some amazing days in Cambodia and Chaing Mai. I wanted to write more about my friend Charlotte. For a person who never spoke (except one time at her birthday party that was celebrated on my birthday when she said "everybody" as Angie held her and we told her that everybody loved her) she has been our biggest fundraiser. Charlotte commands a lot of love, joy, and friendship and when she asks for funds for Soul it happens. She blessed us in so very many ways and recently started sharing her amazing mom, Angie as one of our newer board members at Soulumination. Anyone who knows or has met Angie knows she is one powerful and loving woman and she is a gift to the work of Soul.

I met Charlotte and her family right about the time Soul was formed as Angie had seen a piece on television and called to say that they hadn't had great luck getting sensitive and thoughtful photos done of Charlotte. For five years Doug and I and our daughters have known this amazing family. McKenzie came with me for Cha Cha's first shoot and we have used a photo that Mac took of Charlotte and I many times. We have a bowling group that includes Charlotte's family and one of her best buddies, Sarah P., another great Soul young woman. Sarah is one of my husband's special friends and Sarah is the only child to ever ask if she could have a play date with Charlotte. That one play date moved into many more play dates, including the one where we were all downstairs eating and chatting when the nurse came down to say she didn't think it was a great idea that Sarah was sitting on Charlotte's head, Angie got that all straightened out and they of course remained fast friends.

Charlotte came to the opening at St Marks, she attended the documentary movie party, she even had her most recent birthday at the Soul headquarters in Ballard and got all her pals to make prayer flags for the 5th anniversary. Charlotte's sister Maddie as volunteered for Soul and her dad Paul is always willing to join in any Soul event.

Yes, indeed Charlotte is missed, she is loved and she will remain in many hearts. Tomorrow I will find another basket of items that is appropriate for the nearby temple and will have it blessed and it will symbolize all the items that Charlotte will need for her next life. It is the Thai Buddhist way to honor the loss of a beloved family member. Lew and I plan to take baskets for Lew's grandmothers also. In love and peace, Lynette