Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Just a quick note before we fly out. I was in and out on Megan's first day of training and I am so excited that we have her coming on board. Sarah has been really such a perfect compliment to my scattered and crazy ways and I sense the same calm in Megan. I am opening with a photo of the two of them so you start to recognize Megan and welcome her to the world of Soulumination. I couldn't feel more blessed by how it has all been so great with Sarah, I will miss her but I will do my best to stay close to her and Steve and the twins.

I want to thank the McMillian Foundation for inviting us to apply for the grant again to support our Legacy work with adults. Donations have been slow with the change in the economy and its vital that we stay funded to continue to serve each and every family. Keep our yearly Artist Sale in mind as we move toward the holidays, it will be the first weekend in December.

On to the Thailand adventure. My thanks to all who will hold down the fort here in Ballard while Lew and I are gone, in love and peace, Lynette