Friday, September 24, 2010

It is with a sad heart that I sit to write this today as we have lost another friend from the NTSAD conference. Landin got his angel wings today. It seems like we have lost so many beautiful friends lately, so this is another time where our hearts go to this family and we send thoughts of love, peace and remembrance. Landin died from the effects of Sandhoff disease.

I am a bit off my normal pace with the jet lag and all the thoughts going through my mind as Landin's passing of course takes me right to the pain of losing Charlotte and Chris so recently. Both of Landin's grandmas, his mom and his aunt attended the last conference that Sarah Mattingly and I photographed. He was always surrounded by adoring female family members.

Here at Soul Ballard we are working through all the steps to get Megan fully comfortable and confident in her new role as administrator. She is doing a great job and is a pleasure to work with. Sarah will hopefully attend next Tuesday's board meeting as I would love to see her again before the big delivery date.

Each day a donation or two arrives in memory of Charlotte. That girl has personally been responsible for helping us move forward in serving new families by her generous and supportive family and friends. I am so grateful for this help as it is important that we move forward knowing we have funds to cover each new family that requests photos. Board member Kelly is putting together a small event next month and then we move toward the artist sale which falls on December 4th and 5th this year. We hope that we will see you at the sale and there is a good chance that Sarah and the twins will be here to help add to the fun of the event.

We have a shoot in the Tacoma area this weekend and next week I work with an adult. Things are moving forward and I look forward to one more day with Lew tomorrow as she has graciously offered to stay to help me shoot a wedding of a friend of ours. Closing with thoughts of Landin and his family, in love and peace, Lynette