Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time is winding down for Sarah's employment here at Soul Ballard. As you can see by the opening photo, she is looking great and we are so very excited for the arrival of the twins.

McKenzie is in town and assisted me at last night's wedding. What a treat that was, great clients, fun wedding and a help from one of my favorite people in the whole world. She had more opportunity than usual to catch me helping the kids in this wedding since they have been my clients for years. We met a boy, aged 8 or 9 at the wedding who was amazing with a camera. He happens to live in Ballard and I hope to have him come to record some events for Soul. He is shown here standing by Mac and as you can see we were both enthralled with his obvious passion for photography. I have one more wedding to shoot tomorrow and 6 families next week, then Lew and I are off for our Thailand adventure. Doug and all 4 cats will be on their own for food and fun so feed them if you see them.

Heather, Tara and Bryan have recently completed Soul shoots and we are so thankful for their talent and the compassionate sharing of their time. Teddi's event at her art studio in Everett was nicely successful with 100 people coming to view the work of our Soul photographers. It is so important that we keep spreading the word about our mission and sharing with others the beauty of our clients.

I have been sharing stories about my pal Chris every day. He was such a rare being and like all our Soul friends he had a profound effect on many people.

Lew is kindly bringing her laptop to Thailand so I hope to blog from there. It will be a time to let my mind relax but my heart is never far from Soul. Megan will be taking over the administration job during the time I am away so please welcome her and start to make her part of the Soul network. In love and peace, Lynette