Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On Monday I was down near our cabin with friends Patrice and Leah and Soul photographer, Kurt. We had been gathering the wild chanterelle mushroom but on the way home I returned a missed call on my cell phone to find that my cousins son had died. My heart breaks for the loss of this handsome and vibrant young man. I send my love to his mother and father, his beloved sister and his entire family. I was honored to photograph him for his senior photos a few years ago. The time I had with him has stuck in my mind as he talked about his sister with love and support, it was obvious that she was special to him and that he supported her in many caring ways. He will be missed.

I am hustling to get all the work completed during this busy season and still get ready to take off to fly to Thailand on Thursday in the early AM. My desk and computer are now facing out into the courtyard and I am working from my art room. Megan will start the process of being trained by my friend and Soul admin, Sarah tomorrow and today Kari passed the torch as head of the Artist Sale to Diane. We will miss both Kari and Sarah but they will be part of Soul in many ways.

I thank in advance each Soul photographer that has volunteered and given of their talent as they make it possible for Lew and I to make this journey without worry. Bless each and every one of you.

I have a little request and hope that you will share this with artists and crafts people. If you have any colored roving that will work for felting that you are not using, would you be willing to donate it to Soul? We are going to felt soap for the Artist Sale. We will have a work party to create this new Soul product and we will need plenty of roving. All the funds from the sales of the soap of course will be going into Soul's account. Your generosity would be appreciated.

I close with two more photos of the lovely Sarah as she reaches the last months of her twin pregnancy. I am so glad she asked me to photograph her. Following this pregnancy has been a joy and she has been a rock star for Soul. She is currently working to create gifts for families that attended Camp Agape. In love, peace and gratitude for all that Sarah has added to Soulumination, Lynette