Saturday, August 07, 2010

Its the middle of my busy season for photography and things are going well indeed. I am off to Whidbey today with my new assistant, Letty who is doing a grand job and is fine company for the trip. I have been working with families in my business like crazy and its good to see them all. Many of them are big supporters of Soul and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I open today's blog with a photo of myself and two of my great kid 'clients'. I have always liked reflections and noticed that I could capture myself with these two a window on the UW campus. In the other photo I share our wonderful former intern and grant writer, Brenna with Sarah and her twin belly. Brenna has been my client since she was a little one and she and her family are absolute treasures to Soul and to all of us here at my biz.

We have hired our new administrator and I enjoyed chatting with her last night at the hot spot in Wallingford, Molly Moons. Megan Takagi will be trained by our beloved Sarah in first two weeks of September. We had planned on hiring a part time person also, but with the slower economy we will be training some new volunteers to help out and hopefully we will pick up some great high school helpers. If you know of a high school student who has transportation or lives nearby and wants a great opportunity to work in a meaningful non-profit, please send them our way. We would love them to have photoshop knowledge and be a junior or senior if possible. Diane Shea will be running the Artist Sale with training from Kari who has done such a magnificent job of getting the sale to be a wonderful fund raiser.

I want to again acknowledge our amazing photographers, truly each and everyone gives of their heart and their talent to our families and I am most grateful. Teddi recently did a grand shoot as well as Susan and Sandra. We so appreciate that fact that the family Teddi worked with asked that donations in honor of Shelbi come to Soulumination and we have gratefully received some already. The beautiful cranes that were sent to us via photographer Kurt, are now hanging in my offering box in the courtyard, out of the rain of course. They are stunning and stand as yet another spiritual reminder of the amazing lives we are honored to record. Hats off to Sandra, Tara, and Teddi for coming up with ways to help fund the work of Soul.

Our pal Charlotte recently had a visit to the hospital and we are so happy she is now home. My buddy Chris is peacefully at home with his wonderful family and my recent visit with them lifts my spirits if I am ever down. Elliott's family just marked the 1st anniversary of her Tay Sachs diagnosis and they meet their challenges with grace and determination. The photos from Camp Agape will hopefully be printed this week so lots of new faces to Soul right now.

With the economy so slow we know that its hard for everyone to come up with extra funds so each donation is most precious and we are thankful that people realize that small donations make a real difference here at Soul. Now off to the wedding, in love and peace, Lynette