Sunday, August 15, 2010

Its hot here in Ballard and I am about ready to head off to a wedding today at J and M Cellars in Woodinville, which is owned by friends and long time clients, John and Peggy Bigelow. Its been a very wonderful journey getting to know the Bigelows it will be grand to be on their beautiful property recording another wonderful event. The work of Soul and my work with my business has given me so much, so many amazing friends. At last night's Bar Mitzvah I noticed a young man in the crowd that I had photographed for a number of years when he was young. Throughout this busy season I have been stunned by the growth and maturity in many of my clients and its clear that time marches on. My own hair all silver now but my heart remains young and eager to embrace this work of legacy.

So much has changed and I am wrestling with all that right now in a very real and messy way as its time to clean out my art space and my storage area to move my desk and let Soul and my business have this office without my interruptions. With all the changes in the world of photography I have to decide if I am ready to give away most of my film cameras and the gear that goes with them, or to save some to hopefully record a grandchild or two in the same manner that I did with my girls.

On a recent photo shoot, the reminder of life's unexpected traumas became very real as a young client of mine was choking on a piece of apple and in seconds I witnessed just how important it is to know and use the Heimlich maneuver effectively. The rest of the shoot, the mom and I kept rejoicing in the fact that we had this wonderful boy alive and with us.

I had a great meeting with Megan our new administrator and Diane, the new head of the artist sale last week. I meant to snap a photo so that you would all know who they are but we were talking about so many ideas that I simply forgot. Kari will help me tomorrow with the rearranging project so hopefully some fresh energy will get me through. Sarah will start training Megan on Sept 1, the day before Lew and I leave for Thailand. When we return it will be time to embrace a new administrator and move forward with the precious work of this nonprofit. We are all so excited to meet Sarah's twins and I know she will guide Megan with foresight and deep knowledge of our mission. In love and peace, Lynette