Sunday, July 04, 2010

So much happens in life that is noteworthy, but last Wednesday an evening unfolded that left me realizing just how much a person can do in a lifetime that has worth and value for others. I attended a dinner event centered around my good friend Patrice's garden that was an informative meeting for the Sustainable Path Foundation. It was a small gathering of women who have strong ties to foundation and nonprofit work and it gave us a chance to share our missions and to learn about the work of Sustainable Path. In attendance were Moya Vasquez, who sits on the Board of Trustees for Intiman, Seattle Opera and Seattle Biomed, Jennifer Slack who is on the board of Sustainable Path Foundation and the Daniel E Stuntz Foundation, Nora Burten who is the administrator for Sustainable Path, Linda Park Co-Chair of the Sustainable Path Board and on the the Board of the Seattle Foundation, June Eiseman, Co-Chair at Sustainable Path, Joanne Young President of the Peg and Rich Young Foundation and Board member at Daniel E Stuntz Foundation and Pottery Northwest, Jean Zatochill, board member of Ranier Valley Food Bank, Mount Baker Rowing Center, and the Stuntz Foundation and past member at Baby Corner, and Patrice Benson, our host and President of the Stuntz Foundation. Most of the above had worked for Immunex and helped found Sustainable Path, which is a vibrant, exciting foundation that works with science/sustainability projects to help with funding.

Three young women, Katie and Jill Benson, and Mary Zatochill were kind enough to give me their ideas on hiring and work place thoughts. Mary told me about which seems to be another great use of photo talent. I was delighted that she had learned about this org through her medschool classes.

It was really wonderful for me to sit down and just share with these women. To hear their ideas, share contacts and just learn was really something great. Out of the evening came the realization that many foundations and non-profits have a board range, a wide reach, but Soulumination has something good in its narrow and specific approach. Here at Soul we only do what we know we can do at a high level and that is provide legacy photos with care, compassion and talent. We have received incredible backing, thoughtful reporting through wonderful media outlets and have gathered together a strong volunteer force.

Now we are on the hunt for a great new administrator to replace Sarah as she moves into the roll of proud mommy of twins. We are starting interviews soon, so if you know of a great candidate please have them send resume and cover letter to ASAP.

I received an email yesterday from a mom who is currently at Ronald McDonald House with her child. I am thankful to all the board members and staff who got our poster printed last year as that is how this woman found out about our services. We will call her today and start the process of booking their shoot. We interviewed a possible new photographer yesterday, Kevin Wrenn and I will be delighted to have him give this work a try in the near future.

Off to the exercise bike, gosh if you want to eat in middle age you have to work off some calories or you will be a new size in no time. In love and peace, Lynette