Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now that summer has arrived things are heating up here at Soul. Tomorrow we have the chance to go work again at Camp Agape, the idea came up last night at 9:30 pm and so we are scrambling to make it work with our schedules. We normally go every other year with the help of Nanette and Ranjiv who have sponsored us each time we attend. Nanette was down volunteering at the camp and it turns out that 3 of the children we worked with last year passed away and our photos were used in a big way at each memorial so it was decided that they would take a chance and ask us at last minute and it looks as if Kurt, Sarah and I can attend plus one more photographer. I am posting a few photos from last years camp.

Kurt had recently worked with a young mom in our adult legacy project. Her family has been so sweetly appreciative and then the nicest package arrived in Kurt's mail, 1000 paper cranes folded by this client's mom in appreciation for the work he did for them through Soul. Being a folder myself I realize the effort that went into this gift and we are so touched and will soon have them to display here at Soul Ballard.

Our photographer Teddi has done a great job recently also, working with a baby that I heard about a few months ago when I attended little miss Elliott's life celebration. This baby was not expected to live and Teddi attended the birth to record this brief life, she spent 4 and a half hours with them at the birth and returned shortly after to record her passing. I can't thank her enough for this devotion, plus she is working on hosting a show for Soulumination at her gallery in Everett on August 21st at the art walk. We are so thankful for all of our photographers and we know they have such incredible heart and talent. Susan and Cami have new assignments this week and we are delighted that they are working with us.

Also tomorrow we have the final interviews for the new administrator for Soulumination. It will be wonderful to introduce you all to our new employee, hopefully it will all be finalized by the end of the week or early next week. Sarah will lead this new person into the sensitive work of Soul.

Lots of effort is already going into the Artist Sale, again it will be the first weekend in December, so consider telling you friends and bringing them as with this economy donations are a bit slow and with all the action of new families we need to keep fully funded. In love and peace, Lynette