Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just home from some refreshing cabin time. Doug came down and put up the baseboard in three rooms and around the fireplace, what a treat, I love the place and these little improvements are so appreciated.

Our good pal Taryn from California whose dad was featured on LA Ink is in hospital, she was having a real hard time but is now showing a few signs of improvement, please keep this stunner in your hearts and prayers.

Great news that both of our red-headed wonders, Claire and Emily are home. So delighted that they are not in the hospital. I met a new red-head and his red-haired brother today near our cabin. I had chatted with his mom when I met her a few weeks back when I stopped to buy eggs and she explained that she had a son who had been sent home to die as in infant and was now in school. I am going to work out a time to take photos for this family and it will be such an honor. It will do my heart good knowing we will have new Soul pals that I can see when I am at the cabin and need eggs.

Sarah is working on booking 2 new families. She and I meet tomorrow with Kelly to continue the process of hiring. Sarah looked so much more round in the few days I was away so I got out a tape measure and we are going to start measuring her belly weekly, I am thinking she will grow at least a half inch around per week, will keep you posted but its sure exciting watching this twin work on hatching twins.

I just want to say that I am a lucky mom, my daughters are very good to me and I am so thankful. Lew will be assisting me at some of my weddings this summer and both girls will be home for the wedding of our amazing nephew Ben and his beautiful bride Kelsey. We are so proud that Ben is entering UW Med school in the fall and has in interest in Pediatrics. He has been an employee at Seattle Children's and you can imagine just how proud I am of this young man.

Last month board members, Lori, Brenda and Sally all worked at a Soul booth at a Sarcoma event at Greenlake. It was great to be asked to join to share about the work of Soulumination.

Off to the bike, with middle age and the desire to eat like a teen its now morning and night on the bike, in love and peace, Lynette