Monday, June 14, 2010

Its sunny and quiet here in Ballard. Lots brewing but most all for the future so its time to organize and get things all caught up and tidy. We have a new family at Seattle Children's to call today and I hope to get to work with my new teen-aged friend and her family this Friday.

Its really the start of my wedding season and Lew will be coming home for a couple of weekends to be my assistant. It will be so good to have her in Seattle for a few days, McKenzie will also be here for her cousins wedding so we are delighted. Lew has also been putting my metal art projects up on Etsy, we still have a ways to go but have a start now at Thank you to all the friends and supporters who have so generously shared their recycling with me. My hands are a bit sore as I cut up all the aluminum cans that have been dropped off in the past few weeks over the weekend but now I have a good stash to work with. I am always interested in more cans: especially Peace Tea, Arizona, Hawaiian sun, Rockstar etc. Of course still interested in tin cans, especially those that are 'vintage' coffee cans, hard to find those older ones but if you run across them let me know, still on the hunt to that elusive spam can without the paper label---painted labels only for this project.

I am sharing today two newly released Soul angels. Justin and his loving family were photographed in 09 by Deena and more recently in February, Dawn worked with the be Emily and her family. They will be in our gallery soon. We honor their memory and send our gratitude to the families for sharing their beautiful children.

Our pal Tarin is still in hospital in California but is improving, keep her in your heart. Emily and Claire both at home like I mentioned last week, but Em has to avoid crowds and the possibility of infection.

I am friends with a lot of the Tay Sachs families on Facebook and was so touched to see Elise's mom's latest photo showing what they have done with her Soul images since her death. Elise was a beauty just like her mom and it moved me deeply to see this image in their home.

I am thankful to those who have sent in donations after receiving our newsletter. Your support is vital to the work and we are grateful to each of you. Its obviously a hard time economically so I am especially touched by your generosity. In love and peace, Lynette