Friday, June 04, 2010

Its been another busy week here at Soul Ballard with lots of work being done to make our administrative transition smooth. With Sarah pregnant with boy/girl twins we have to make the steps to keep things flowing smoothly. Board member Kelly has taken on the task of helping us be organized through this time and she is doing a great job.

I had a repeat shoot with a charming 5 month old this week. He was able to be off the breathing apparatus long enough for me to get some photos of his face all clean and free of gear. He is a little shining star and its easy to see that everyone who met him loved him. He will be shining on in his splendor. It was a privilege to work with him and his family.

Today I got to return to long-time friend and Soul child Charlotte's house for updated photos. Cha Cha was her usual sweet self and its always good to be near her and her family.

I am sharing newly released photos today. Torin in the skin hat was photographed by Dawn Lucrisia and tiny Melody had Randell as her photographer. You can meet them soon in our gallery soon. Teddi is scheduled to do work with a new family tomorrow and Amy worked with a family on Wednesday. I am so grateful to the support of so many wonderful photographers.

I had a great time harvesting morels yesterday with my good buddy and friend to Soul, Patrice. We hit the jackpot and its been fun sharing them today. I have been taking mushrooms to owners of a business that I totally admire, Besalu. Doug and I are regulars at this delightful bakery and if you haven't had one of their ginger biscuits you are missing something special.

As long as I am mentioning businesses that delight me, please drop in Annie's Art and Frame on Market here in Ballard to shop and to thank them for their incredible generosity in framing a photo for each Soul family. The continued support is so appreciated as they frame a photo for each soul child.

Now time to get ready for dinner with my main squeeze, hope you have a nice weekend. In love and peace, Lynette