Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awesome, sunny day here in the Ballard Interbay Industrial Area of Seattle. The sign finally registered with me this morning that names our neighborhood. I was walking home from Ballard Market with a big box of local strawberries in my arms, a photo of the huge specimen morel mushroom I found that I had shared with my friends in the produce department, my tummy full and happy from the morning visit to Besalu with Doug and my heart happy with the knowledge that tomorrow both girls are flying home for their cousins wedding.

We are now officially taking applications for the part-time position here at Soulumination. We are looking for someone with good computer skills, specifically Photoshop, who has great heart, and lots of energy. Sarah is posting the job descriptions on some non-profit job sites. But you mail applications to us here at 5201 11th Ave NW Seattle 98107. The job won't start until September but time has flown past since Sarah announced her double dose pregnancy so we want to get on it to find just the right person to step in as we move toward our hiring changes.

We have heard from 3 new families and Sarah has a stack of pending folders on her desk already. Sometimes it just takes time to get them all booked since medical issues often limit the times when our new children and adults feel up for photos.

I am proud of Lew and the wonderful job she has done with my Etsy shop. You can visit to see just what it is I have been doing with all the cans I request. Its

In love and peace, Lynette