Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tonight our board President, Matt Kochel and his wife Celina, his parents and his entire family along with Doug's golfing buddies Steve and Becky, hosted a wine event for Soul at the Mark Ryan and Ross Andrews Wineries in Woodinville. It was a warm and lovely event, lively crowd, great food and exceptional wine. The owners of the wineries told Matt and I that they would make this an annual event. I am so excited and thankful for their support. I thank all the supporters who both gave money and bought wine (with each purchase a donation will be made to Soul.) We are blessed to have these rising stars in the wine industry join us in serving the families of Soulumination.

This past week Dawn worked with 4 new families to Soul and we are most excited about her beautiful work. Truly the talent surrounding Soul is outstanding.

Tara Clark, Soul photographer is on a mission this month and has a grand fundraiser going for Soul, its on the front page of the website right now so please check it out. We are so excited and thankful for all that she is doing. I met Tara as she prepared for her wedding and it was obvious that she was a woman with special heart and drive. From the bottom of my heart I thank her for all that she is doing to help keep Soul financially able to serve each and every family who inquires.

Now I must get to bed as I am driving to the cabin tomorrow for one more art/work marathon before the start of my wedding season. From now till the end of the year its lots of weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and family shoots----its lovely to see all 'my' families again but I will miss the long quiet days at the cabin where I don't have a computer and not many people know my phone number. I am lucky to have a great life here in the city with a business and non-profit that I love and then have the quiet of the cabin. In love and peace, Lynette