Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes I just can't sleep so I will write this blog in the early morning hours and hope that when I am done I can get a few more hours of rest. Yesterday's appearance on New Day Afternoon was a very nice thing for Soul and we are going to welcome a new family this summer whose nurse saw the broadcast. That is all it takes for me to know it was a successful morning as we do want our community to learn about our services so that we can be sure we are reaching people who want this gift of photographic legacy. You can watch the New Day piece here:

Tara Clark's fundraiser for Soul has been incredible and we are blessed to have her talent when she works with the families of Soulumination. Her idea for Give Every Day in May has been bringing in lovely donations and has also spread the word about Soul. Thank you so much Tara for this amazing effort. I get to have a small part in her last weeks work and will join her at Safeco Field on Thursday. We are most grateful to Dan and Annie Wilson for their support and for the fact that they are giving of their time to help make this a highlight for the winning bidders.

I am heading to Seattle Children's this morning to work with a young couple and their infant son for a second time. I received the most touching thank you card in the mail from them just before I got the call that they hoped I could come back to capture a few more images as time is slipping away for this little angel. I will also visit our pal Emily as she is in hospital for a few days while they clear up an infection. I return to Children's on Friday to work with a new teen.

We had a board meeting last night and stuffed the final envelopes with the newsletter. I am very thankful to Lori Sawyer for her work and dedication to the newsletter, she is a rock and her calm and thoughtful guidance is often just what I need to keep me on track. We added a new board member, Heather Baker who is a Soul photographer, good friend and one of my former brides. She will help us focus on getting the word out on our adult Legacy Project and will add to the board in many ways as she is another person who balances my frenetic approach with calm purpose. Her photo of the lovely Sydney is featured above. My thanks to the board for their dedication and their wisdom. A thank you to Kelly for taking time to meet with me to take on the roll of implementing the new administration, we have Sarah for a number more months, but with twins on the way we have to be making steps toward change.

We are trying to stay current in the social media realm, so we are now up on Twitter at SoulLynette. We will see how it goes but for now just seeing if it is a valuable way of sharing about the work of Soul.

The young man whose stunning face opens this missive is Jacob who was photographed by Soul photographer Susan Doupe. I will be sharing a number of newly released images in the next months as we always want to share the faces of Soul and we have a stream of forms arriving from Soul parents who are allowing us to show the work of our wonderful photographers. The bios are not up in our gallery yet but will be soon.

Now its almost normal wake up time so I guess its off to the bike. In love and peace, Lynette