Friday, May 21, 2010

On Monday, June 24at 11am please tune into King 5 for the new morning show, New Day Northwest, which will feature Soul thru the amazing fundraising of Soul photographer Tara Clark and the story of Matt Kochel's connection to Soul. We are thankful for the opportunity to get the word out about the gifts Soul can offer. Sarah and I will be in the audience hopefully to cheer them on and Kari will be here in the office to field any requests that might come from the airing.

Matt and I will join Tara on Thursday June 27th at Safeco field where Dan and Annie Wilson have graciously offered to join us for a special day in Tara's GEDIM project (give every day in May) For this part of her event Tara is auctioning off the available slots to benefit Soul. If you'd like to bid on the opportunity to have your child photographed at the Safe please go to the opening page of our Soul web site and it will direct you to Tara's project. I will be taking photos of the winning bidders with Dan and Annie while Tara captures the families at Safeco. Matt will be on hand to greet and help things move along. We are hopeful that this special opportunity for photos will bring out the bidders.

We have received a number of new requests this week and I am hopeful that my cancelled Soul shoot will happen next Friday. In an amazing turn of events I think I will be working with a new Soul family just miles from our cabin. I stopped to buy farm fresh eggs for Sarah and I when driving home on Tuesday and the family selling the eggs has a son that I hope to book for a shoot soon. And so it goes, little connections bringing us to the right place at the right time and great friends like Dan and Annie offering to help out. Life is good. In love and peace, Lynette