Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its really an eventful week and I have another Soul shoot tomorrow morning at 9. I am very excited to meet this teenager so I am delighted the timing is finally working out as this is our third rescheduled time.

I want to thank the family and friends of Soul angels Lillian and Lauren as they have been incredibly generous in their support of Soul in memory of the twins. It was my honor to work with them and now the family gives back in countless ways. Their friends have reached out generously and often. My sincerest thanks to all of them who help lead the work of Soul forward to new families.

I had the honor of assisting Soul photographer Tara Clark in the last big hoorah of her Give Every Day in May campaign for Soul. We were down at Safeco field with Mariner fan favorites Dan and Annie Wilson and the Moose having a grand old time. I am attaching photos of the days fun. I can't thank Sarah or the Wilson's enough, plus the Moose and the staff at Safeco were incredible.

Now back to work, in love and peace, Lynette