Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It was grand celebrating two dozen years with Lew. The night of her birthday we looked out of her apartment at a stunning double rainbow after laughing over a story told by her cousin Jeremy who recently saved this blog from being lost in cyperspace. Simple good things from family and nature add up to a memorable evening. Yesterday I spent the morning with Lew at the Red Cross office where she works. I took photos of the staff as a volunteer and got to meet the entire group. There were many nice people to meet and one amazing volunteer who really knocked my socks off. He took Lew and I and another volunteer to see the work that he and his wife to for cancer patients. There is a room set up at Cancer Patient Care in Spokane where women and young girls can come to get free wigs. Patients can have a few different wigs if they like and there are also many nice hats and scarves and breast prosthesis. The entire service is free and the space was set up in a very appealing manner, I salute Bob and his wife for their energy to serve. We will soon post the link to this organization on the Soul site so that our friends who need these services in the Spokane can easily contact them. Their phone number is 509-456-0446.
Our newsletter is nearly ready for printing, Tara Clark is kindly using her amazing camera skills to raise funds for Soul, I have been selling luminarias, so we are hoping that again this year we can serve each request without funding concerns. Both Nancy and Bryan have scheduled shoots and I believe another photographer was working yesterday so we continue to move forward.

Please keep our little friend Elliott in your hearts and prayers as Tay Sachs is rapidly changing her world. Our pal Claire is back in the hospital but it seems that this visit may be a short one. My mom's best friend in Sequim, Helen Dawley recently passed away and I will miss her very much as she was often a voice of reason and mentor for me. She lived a life honoring her community through volunteerism and care for her friends and family.

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette