Monday, April 05, 2010

With spring settling into the northwest its coming time for weddings, including our nephew Bennett and his lovely fiance, Kelsey. The wedding part of my business of course brings many fun and happy moments to capture. While chatting with Ben and Kelsey at Easter about the plans for their wedding photots, Bennett told me about how photos that were taken of a stillborn child had been a source of comfort for one of his co-workers at Seattle Children's. It made me thankful to the photographer who had worked with this family while I was shooting a wedding. Bennett pointed out that it doesn't take much to find someone you know who has benefited from the work of our little non-profit. I am so thankful to all who have supported us to make this happen, our photographers so very generous with their time and talent.

A little update on our pal Claire who is still in hospital but is no longer in ICU. Your love and prayers so appreciated by her family. Claire's mom Deb wrote a most heartfelt thank you today for all of the caring people who have helped them find a way through this very rough time.

My friends will be gathering in Florida soon at the NTSAD family conference. I will be sorry not to be part of it all this year, but Sarah Mattingly and I hope to be with them in Boston in 2011. Elliott and her family will be off to meet all the wonderful families and it will be grand for them to attend all the educational and supportive programs.

Doug, Lew and I had a surprise visit from Doug's bowling buddy, Sarah and her mom. It was delightful to have time with them. Sarah's now a teen and is such fun to watch her grow and mature.

As always lots happening so off to the days chores. Oh but keep me in mind as the drop off place for aluminum drink cans---looking for empty Arizona Ice Tea, Peace Tea, V8, Hanson's, Squirt, or any especially colorful or fun graphics on empty (not crushed) cans. I am working away on the luminarias and other products for the Soul Artist Sale and have luminarias for sale here at the studio in Ballard and of course will give the usual 25% to Soul on all purchases. In love and peace, Lynette