Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The sun is shining and we celebrate as our beloved administrator Sarah and her husband Steve have announced their pregnancy---we are elated and doubly so since its twins! Ah, its a sweet thing with magic and excitement--- love and support gathering so beautifully. Today is also Claire's 5th birthday so your prayers have been helping so keep them coming for her and for all the families that we hold in our hearts.

Last Friday I walked away for an appointment and was back in an hour and a half to be on schedule for bride meetings. As I came in the office, Sarah told me that in that short time 5 new families had been referred to us. As of yesterday 3 of the shoots are booked and Sarah is waiting to hear back from the parents on the other 2.

Our newsletter is being composed by Lori and obviously with the number of referrals its just in time as its been our best fund raising tool and with those 5 shoots and another group of 4 families that we are working with all on one day in June we need to be sure that funding keeps pace with requests.

My oldest daughter just returned stateside from an incredible trip to Tasmania. I thank Ian for encouraging her to step into that magic place. Her photo skills from the trip show that she has been absorbing things from all the photographers that have gathered in her life. Doug and I are going to get to spend time with our youngest for her birthday and we are looking forward to that. She is going to help set up a site on Etsy for me to sell some of my latest recycled metal art projects, so yes indeed I still want those aluminum drink cans that have cool graphics.

Kari, Sarah and I are brainstorming on new Soul products for the artist sale, with the help of my art group and my sister-in-law, Jane I think we have 2 winners. Will share the ideas once we have good samples and then we will be setting up some fun and creative work parties. If you would like to help please contact us via the volunteer part of the website.

In love and peace, Lynette