Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last night was our annual photographers meeting and I had the help of new board member, Angie who is the Soul mom of our dear friend Charlotte( pictured above). Sarah, Kari and board president Matt were all ill and so I punted with the emotional sisterhood of Angie and I at the helm. It was a powerful event as we were joined by my dear friend and Soul mentor, Julie, who is a child-life specialist at Seattle Children's. Julie is an incredibly kind and caring person who gave us words of encouragement and wisdom to help us move forward in our work.

I am so proud and so grateful that we are blessed to have such remarkable photographic talent working with Soulumination. I was most touched by the fact that many of our photographers shared their personal loss in our time of introduction. These individuals help ground us and guide us. To become friends and co-volunteers with those who have suffered such personal pain and come through to help others is a true gift. One of our photographers and his wife was moving from our event to a prayer vigil for the latest earthquake victims. We are definitely led to become more evolved and caring photographers as we connect with our peers.

Doug and I had a most delightful evening tonight with good friends and supporters, Steve, Becky and their lovely 3-year old daughter. The joy of a little one at our feet, the caring and kind encouragement of our friends gives much cause for thanks. The work of Soul is the work of many.

Days ago I got to meet the new baby brother of our Soul friend and angel, Jenny. What a thrill to be with Jenny's parents and share the delight and joy that her new brother is adding to this crazy world. I only hope that I get to have time with Jenny's sister Stephanie soon as she has become a friend of mine and a supporter of the work of Soul. Stephanie is now in college but I am hopeful that she will find time to come visit soon.

Its time for me to hit that bike even though I am tired after a fun day with my beloved sister in law Sally who is one of the original Soul moms. Sally sweetly drove me to Vancouver and back so I could buy more grommets for my luminaria project. It was a great day of escape and I am most thankful to have had time with Sally. I am working on a new recycled metal project for the artist sale so I truly need those aluminum drink cans---I would love to have your empty and non-flattened Squirt, Fanta, Hanson's, Arizona Ice Tea, Peace Tea, V-8, Hawaiian Sodas, Blue Sky, IPA and other interesting beer cans, and any soda or beer cans with fruit logos or animal logos or fun and interesting graphics----you can drop them by at the Ballard studio and if I am not here its fine to drop them inside the metal gate. I am also interested in having your beer or soda bottle tops to use in my current metal-obsessed projects.

I send my love to both of my daughters as they travel these next days. Delighted to report that Claire would still like your prayers but she is doing so much better, hooray! To all my thoughts of love and peace, Lynette