Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its been a bit quieter here at Soul in Ballard but always we are working to be sure that Soul serves all who request in a timely and caring manner. Our board member Lori Sawyer is working on the newsletter which has proven to be one of our best fund raising tools. This upcoming mailing will include articles by one of our new Soul mom's Becky, who is the mother of Elliott as well as an article by photographer Jodi Rosen. Both women are skilled wordsmiths and we are thankful that they are willing to open their hearts and share their feelings about the work of Soulumination.

Claire is having another bout of issues with her liver functions and a new infection, please keep her in your hearts and prayers.

I spent the past few days at the cabin and came home to the wonder of spring blossoms in the courtyard. It was so nice to enjoy a few days of sun and I was surprised to see that the rain had returned during the night. It will be nice to get to the weeks where rain is not the daily standard.
I made one of my little altars on the rock on the beach and it felt nice to just construct it in hope and not in memory of a specific loss.

We are looking to find some new artists for our annual artist sale. Kari is the coordinator of that part of Soul and she will be choosing new people that have product that don't conflict with our long time supporting artists. If you know of someone with a special talent that wants to be considered please let us know, but remember that the screening process does not allow all to be accepted. The sale is growing each year and its wonderful to tie our artist friends into something that is so beneficial to us while helping them realize nice sales of their beautiful efforts. It will be the first weekend in December so let us know if you have contacts.

I am sharing today some new faces to Soul. They have recently released and I thank our photographers for such wonderful images. In love and peace, Lynette