Monday, March 15, 2010

We are enjoying the lovely weather and the fact that the phones have been quieter this month. We have received two generous donations in the last week, one in memory of Elise and the other in memory of Natalie. We are so thankful to Elise's grandparents and Natalie's parents for their generosity. We are able to move forward with the help and support of our friends.

Tomorrow is the big work party and we are hopeful that we can create 150 albums to cover the new families for the coming year. Our census keeps increasing as the word goes out into the community but our best guess is that we will serve about 150 new families in 2010. We are expecting a great turn out of new and returning volunteers so I think our goal is within reach.

I have been making the tin luminarias regularly since the artist sale and have a number of them complete so we will sell them with the usual 25% going to the foundation. I will have them in a cupboard here in the studio for sale. I am always happy to get those painted tin cans from any of you who would like to donate as well as aluminum drink cans by Arizona Tea, Peace Tea, V-8, Hawaiian Sun, or Hansen's. You can drop off anytime and its been fun to sometimes come home and find a bag of great cans hanging from the fence or dropped inside the gate. Doug is going to teach me how to wire the cans so that they can be hanging light fixtures and I will hopefully have those ready for the next Artist Sale in December.

We are still looking for some volunteers to help Sarah in the office on Thursdays or Friday. If you have an interest please let us know so we can set up a meeting to see if we are a fit for your talents.

Time to get the set up complete for tomorrow, in love and peace, Lynette