Sunday, March 28, 2010

My dear friend Claire is fighting the hard fight once again. Please keep her family in your hearts and prayers. She is one little spunky trooper but many things are challenging her body at the present time.

I had the most wonderful time yesterday out in the Snoqualmie area at Elliott's Life Celebration. There were pony rides, cotton candy, face painting, a most amusing puppet show, nice food, and over 150 guests all coming together to support and celebrate the life of Elliott as she lives with Tay Sachs. There was a touching slide show and I had to slip away at that point as the emotions welled up as they started showing her Soulumination photos. I don't mind a good cry but it had been such a sweet day that I thought I might leave on a high note. As I tried to leave unnoticed I was very touched that Elliott's dad came out to my car to give me a big hug---Elliott is one lucky little girl to have the parents that she needs and they are blessed by the love that surrounds them as they face such a difficult diagnosis. I was truly warmed by all the effort that their friends and community put into the day to really honor and celebrate this beautiful child. As Loren shared his thoughts about parenting a child with Tay Sachs, I was moved by his wisdom and grace, by the fact that he embraces all that he is learning and that he is so devoted to being all he can be for Elliott while she is living on this earth.

I am very thankful that Elliott, her delightful sister and parents will be traveling to Florida next month to be part of the NTSAD family conference. The idea of them meeting my friends at the conference is a real meaningful thing for me and I know they will continue to feel the love that comes with the Tay Sachs community. I am posting a few photos to share the day.

As I drove home from North Bend yesterday I was enjoying A Prairie Home Companion that was being broadcast from the Paramount here in Seattle. I know they are doing another show in a few days and thought, 'I bet I will see Garrison Keillor sometime while he is in town' and sure enough a few hours later when Doug and I were walking back to our car after dinner there he was walking toward me. It was nice to thank him as we passed for the lovely show that helped cheer me as I left the loving hugs of Elliott's dad and their friend who put on the special event. In love and peace, Lynette