Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We have never had a busier month with new Soul families and I am so thankful that we are interviewing new photographers. I got to see the work that Jodi completed on Friday for a family that had emailed about their niece. I send this family my deepest sympathy and will hold them in my heart as they have endured so much in the past weeks. Dawn's latest images are due in soon and the preview shots were tender and stunning. Tara and Heather's latest work is perfection and is being printed. We have images coming from Jeremy and Amy that I haven't seen yet but anxiously await as I know they both will have put their hearts into their work. Each photographer has been creating amazing legacy pieces that I feel will be treasured by each and every family member. Soulumination is blessed to have the best local talent working for our families. Nancy and Susan have shoots this week also so our count so far this month is 16 families and I see at least one more folder on Sarah's desk this morning that will be booked soon and a stack to the side of ones that she is working on.

I finally got to meet a lovely teen yesterday that we had been referred to weeks ago. In working with patients undergoing treatment it sometimes takes a while for an opportunity to present itself. I was so charmed by this beautiful young woman and her family and I hope we can follow her through her transplant and then take photos when her hair is back. Her two year old sister is a budding photographer and added so much fun to the shoot.

We are starting to cut all the pieces needed to assemble the albums and trifolds on March 16. Please let us know if you are interested in coming to lend a hand or if you would like to donate the beautiful paper that covers each book you can find great pieces of paper at Paper Source, Impress, Paper Zone, and I got some charming sheets last year at Fireworks. We can 't use the 'see-through' like papers or wrapping paper, its that better quality paper with lovely designs that we use. My good friends in Tokyo, Catherine and her family recently sent more washi paper and it is stunning indeed. The Soul families always comment on the books as its obvious that each is really something special. I truly believe that the more hands that come together to create these for our families the better, as the love surrounding the work is the basis of support felt by our families.

We are also in need of matte board for constructing the trifold books that families receive. If you have a connection with a frame shop in your area please ask them is they will donate the scraps. We can use any color of matte board, it just needs to be a minimum of 4 by 4 inches. We have a large paper cutter to work with bigger pieces. Please call if you have collected some and we can arrange for you to drop them off here at the studio.

I thank Mark Power for agreeing to lead a workshop on handling grief and loss. He will work with our board members and photographers to offer us advice, guidance and skills for this tender work of Soulumination.

My daughter Lew and I are in the beginning planning stages of a trip to maybe India, Africa, or Greece or some other magic destination. If you have ideas for travel for the two of us on a budget please feel free to chime in. We are contemplating a possible yoga retreat but are just hoping the right thing will present itself. We are planning on travel during the month of September.

Off to the exercise bike, in love and peace, Lynette