Monday, February 01, 2010

Today we opened our show at Seattle Children's Hospital and we had a small but meaningful reception with the Advanced Pediatric Care Team, social workers, hospital staff and supporters. It was wonderful to have our board President, Matt in attendance as well as board members Angie and Brenda, Soul mom Heidi and Soul mom/photographer Jodi who attended part of the show but spent her main time on the PICU working with a new family. Mark Power gave a wonderful blessing and I was very moved by the fact that Scott and Beth were in attendance as they were the couple that started the whole Soul show on its path with her explanation of the work she was doing at Children's over 8 years ago when they were interviewing me about photographing their wedding. I am posting photos here today from this event.

Soul photographers, Teddi and Cami were out shooting for another new family this weekend and Kari and Sarah are working on 3 more new families and Jeremy has be scheduled for one of those shoots.

The stunning Valentine's keep arriving. I am sharing a photo today of quilted cards made by Jane and Molly and the sets of cards that were created by Soul families and other volunteers.

We will start hanging the new pieces of the Soul Collection tomorrow here at the studio in preparation for this Saturday's event. Thanks in advance to Sally, Aaron and Lynn who have volunteered to help tomorrow. The new pieces are stunning and represent almost 100 new faces to our collection and the work of many of our 30 photographers. They look amazing. See you all Saturday, in love and peace, Lynette