Thursday, February 11, 2010

The studio is now repainted and the photos of the collection are in the new storage space, but the flags are still up and and we are feeling all the love and power of the weekend here at the office. Special thanks to Kurt, Michael, Randell and Matt for the photos of the celebration.

We have had photographers out working with new families: Stephanie, Kurt and Sandra have all completed shoots in the Legacy project, each doing an amazing job of recording parents. We are so thankful for their talent and expertise, the photos are beautiful. Randell is due to drop off photos from a follow up shoot from last week, sometimes young patients are just not feeling so well on the scheduled day so we are called back to record them again on a day when they are feeling more chipper. On Tuesday I called the family that Sandra had worked with on Sunday to let them know we could drop off the photos at their convenience, it was so sad to get the news that this father of 2 beautiful little girls had passed away that morning. This family leaves across the street from another Soul family and I know that they are friends and comfort for each other. We send our deepest sympathy to the wife, daughters and grandfather. Sarah has received calls for possibly 4 new families, now we wait for the go-ahead call to contact them to set up the shoots.

I see our friend and supporter Mike McCready on the front page of today's Seattle Times. That man and his wife have such big hearts, we are blessed to call them friends. I just purchased a ticket to the concert that he is helping put on the benefit Haiti, its at the Showbox on February 28 and will also feature our friend Kim Virant.

Back to work. In love and peace, Lynette