Saturday, February 06, 2010

Its way too early to be awake but that is just how it is when you are expecting a few hundred friends to drop in later today. It was a process to get things ready but now thanks to many the photos are hung, the sound equipment is in place for our speakers and musicians, the Valentine's are displayed so beautifully and our Soul photographer from the East coast, Sarah Mattingly is sleeping upstairs as is our youngest daughter, Llewelyn.

We had a very special visitor yesterday, Eric, father of Emma, who was in Seattle from Hawaii. His wife had read that we were having an event and she emailed to see if he could come by yesterday before he flew home. Sadly his daughter was a victim of the disease Tay Sachs. I spent time with Eric yesterday and we shared many experiences and it was a quiet time to connect.

There is going to be a special magic around this celebration and I am most thankful to Sasha and Matt who drove up from Portland yesterday to be here to join in the festivities but also to help me with some important chores.

After Sally and I had finished hanging the show on Wednesday I was visited by my good friend Monique who brought her dad by on his 86Th birthday to see the work before he flew home to California. "Tito"(pictured here today) was sitting in the studio studying each face and asking questions about various children and adults and you can well imagine that I was talking on and on about my relationships with each one. As I explained that now the work of Soul was in many capable hands and that we have 30 photographers, he said "Its a network that became a community." He also told me that when I speak today I should mention miracles and angels and so I shall. In love and peace, Lynette