Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In having a nonprofit that is successful you can run the danger of burning out your volunteers and I fear we have done that to some extent with all that help that we needed to run the Artist Sale and the 5Th Anniversary Celebration. We now need to complete about 130 handmade albums to cover the new families of 2010 so if you would be interested in helping with the creation of the albums or have a group of friends that you think would be interested please consider joining us on Tuesday, March 16. We will be working from 10am until around 8pm so you can stop in anytime to offer a hand. We need people who are precise and like to work with paper. Please contact us through email or call 206-297-0885. I hope we might be able to gather fresh faces for this so tell your friends and see if we can make this happen. We will have food and drink so please consider this an enjoyable way to contribute. If you can't come but would like to help you can provide a sheet of beautiful paper to cover the albums, stores such as Paper Zone, Impress, and Paper Source have amazing papers that are appropriate for the albums.

Its one very busy week here at Soulumination with Tara and Heather both shooting at Seattle Children's yesterday, Jon and Cami doing shoots this past Saturday and Jeremy and Amy shooting today. I have seen Jon, Heather and Cami's work and it is beautiful so its really exciting to know that these new families will be receiving such stunning images.

We hope to start interviewing new photographers this week and next as we are finding that we need more to keep up with the pace of the work without using any one person too often. If you know of any kind-hearted and talented photographers who might be willing to volunteer please let them know that we are recruiting at the current time. All photographers have to be screened so the process does not allow just anyone with a camera but generally people who offer are talented and have the proper equipment and experience. Emily pictured above was hard at work at the 5TH anniversary but since she can't drive, doesn't have the best camera for our type of work and has to go to kindergarten I doubt if she would be quite right for this part of Soul.

Now out to enjoy this beautiful sunny day, in love and peace, Lynette