Sunday, February 07, 2010

Awe, still soaking in all the love that surrounded us yesterday and feeling so blessed and empowered to move forward with the work of Soul with such compassion enveloping the day. Who would have believed it would be sunny in February? Today as I sat in the office I could see that anyone who walked by stopped in their tracks to view the prayer flags, I have to tighten them up a bit tomorrow as the rain has caused them to sag a bit but they are stunning. The photos will hang maybe one more day and I will miss my friends as they are taken out of view, another goodbye to some amazing angels.
It may be hard to thank everyone who made this celebration possible but let me start with the fact that we are thrilled that Nintendo stepped forward to cover the costs of the day and to for providing two more beautiful raffle baskets in addition to the ones that our board members created. We are excited that has agreed to help us with such things in the future.
I will start with our speakers: Mark Power, my friend and mentor who is the chaplain for the Pediatric Advanced Care at Children's, Nayer who is a hospice chaplain who works with our friends Charlotte and Chris and other Soul families, Cantor David Serkin-Poole of Temple B'nai Torah who is a long time friend of mine, and Mick Berbarian, Baptist Minister and beloved family friend.
The musicians hit the mark, each act giving their talent in ways that thrilled all of us in attendance. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for taking your precious time and your unbelievable talent and sharing it with us: The Landa sisters, featuring our own administrator, Sarah and her sisters, Elle Scott, client and friend, Dawnelle DeMarco and Greg Johnson, friends and Soul volunteers extraordinaire, Byron Vannoy trio, featuring Soul dad Byron on drums, Danny Godinez, guitarist and friend of board member Angie, and Kim Virant and Mike McCready, friends and Soul supporters who have offered to do another benefit concert like the one the Jimmy Hendrix tribute they did at the Tractor Tavern. More info on that once it is all set.

Huge thanks to Babs Glover, Becky Prokop and the 100 artists for the amazing Valentines which were created and sold in support of the work with our families. Babs and Becky created an amazing display and spent hours pulling it all together. Deb Hamby gathered all the cookie bakers and Carla Prousch worked to keep all the refreshments looking beautiful. Thanks to all who helped in so many ways. Dear friends Matt and Sasha from Portland and our neighbor Jeff helped behind the scenes and were amazing in their willingness to lend a hand. Hugs to Kurt, Michael, Randell and Sarah Mattingly for the wonderful photos of the day.

Of course Sarah and Kari were grand in all that it took to keep the services to families moving forward while working to bring the 5Th Anniversary to fruition. I am so thrilled that so many Soul families joined us, now time to think about a little relaxation with my friend Sarah Mattingly, Soul photographer from DC who is with us until tomorrow. In love and peace, Lynette