Wednesday, February 03, 2010

As the dawn breaks the words from the old spiritiual "we are standing on holy ground"
keep floating through my head. Here in Ballard the studio is being transformed into a gallery, at Seattle Children's a show hangs for the week with constantly running footage about the work of Soulumination and in Olympia in our capitol building the images hang for all to see who are meeting with our governor. The faces of Soulumination can also hanging at the Starbucks in the Shoreline area. We have two photographers, Kurt and Aaron going out to work with new families on Thursday. Jodi dropped off her latest work yesterday and we will soon have another set of photos taken by Teddi and Cami and we just got a request for a new child on the cancer unit at Seattle Children's.

I received a most amazing email last evening from a family in Hawaii who lost a child to Tay Sachs, the father will be in Seattle this week so it will be our honor to welcome him to the anniversary. It will be especially meaningful to have Sarah Mattingly our Soul photographer from DC here to greet him as she has worked at the past 2 NTSAD conferences and knows that community as well as I do. I was touched to see on Elliott's Caring Bridge site that her family is hoping to be at the next NTSAD conference in April.

The help has been coming from all directions to make this day of remembrance and celebration possible. Thank you to all who are baking cookies and helping set up this week, especially to Sally, Aaron and Lynn who spent hours hanging the show yesterday. To the photographers who have created the amazing images of legacy for our families and the board members who work in so many ways to keep this ship afloat I am most grateful. To have women with heart and soul to run this organization we are most blessed, thank you Sarah and Kari. In advance I thank the speakers and the musicians who will give their special talent in honor of our families. My own family always provides in many ways for my support and for the whole of Soulumination. The hands that created each prayer flag are most appreciated. The gifts from artists around the country who made the beautiful Valentine's are filling us with delight. Its been like a personal greeting as each card arrived and all of us in the office have loved receiving them.

See you Saturday, in love and peace, Lynette