Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We are now in Valentine mode here at Soul Ballard. Artist's Valentine's are arriving daily for the 5th Anniversary celebration. These lovely creations will be available at the event for a $10 donation. I am sharing samples here today and I have created 25 myself, all with metal hearts and a theme of the game of 'Hearts'. The top card above is by Stephanie Simpson and the middle by Lise Husted and mine follows.

Doug and I were delighted that our studio space was big enough to hold the lovely birthday celebration for our Soul friend, Charlotte. It was her 8th birthday and about 70 friends came to make prayer flags, address invitations for our 5th Anniversary and finish the packaged Valentine's that were started by Soul families last year. It was a day to remember and we packed in a board meeting before the party. I will share photos once they are back from our amazing post production guru, Lily West.

We got a call this morning from Children's and our good friend Kurt Smith has agreed to do the shoot. Our photographer, Nancy Treder was out on Sunday working with a new adult at Virginia Mason. We are so thankful for the amazing support and talent that is available for our work.

The show at the Starbucks in Shoreline is now up so please thank them if you stop in for coffee.

Now back to work for the 5th Anniversary prep, so much to do, it promises to be amazing. We are hoping to see you on February 6th from 2 to 6 here at the studio in Ballard. In love and peace, Lynette