Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I share Valentine's but my own heart is breaking with the loss of another angel baby. My dear friends Laurie and John, Caroline, Karl and June, and Linny and Ed have lost their beautiful daughter, sister, grand daughter and love bug. Elise died yesterday. We met when I went to NY for the Today show piece and I have seen them at both NTSAD conferences and the show in Washington DC. Elise was the stunning beauty whose dad was featured on Miami Ink when John had one of his Soul photos tattooed on his shoulder. She is shown her today and will be in our hearts forever.

We had an lovely visit on Monday with Dave and Alice who came over to make prayer flags on the 6th anniversary of the passing of their first born son, Josiah. Dave helped us with a printer problem and it was perfect having time with them to remember Josiah and the day we met. Josiah's story was also featured on the Today Show and this wonderful family has become a part of my life in so many meaningful ways. We thank Josiah's grandma and parents for the lovely donations in his honor. The prayer flags will fly over the 5th anniversary celebration as will one's done in honor of Elise when I was at the last Tay Sacks conference.

I had the pleasure of hearing two of our musical performers for the 5th anniversary yesterday and the sound in the studio was stunning. Both women sang a bit and it was really something special. We hope to see you all on the 6th. In love and peace and sorrow at the passing of another special friend, Lynette